About Us

CrossFit 300 North is a non-profit CrossFit affiliate located at the Winter Springs Police Department.  

As a non-profit affiliate, we are training employees for overall fitness and the conquests of health and longevity, and have fun doing it! Our classes are run by CrossFit coaches in small group WODs led by CF-L2 certificate holders. We motivate and challenge our athletes with varied, functional and beneficial programming. CrossFit as well as our classes are designed to be challenging both physically and mentally.  It is our belief that all individuals, regardless of their current fitness level, can succeed in our program with proper coaching and commitment.  Virtuosity in training lends to safe and effective results. Intensity is the choice of the individual,  and our coaches and athletes are known to give and receive challenges beyond what we thought we could achieve! A sense of community and shared accomplishments are what makes CrossFit 300 North top notch- and not to mention the powerful and enduring performance of each and every one of our athletes.